Motorola Rolls Out New Avigilon Explosion-Protected Camera Line

CHICAGO — Motorola Solutions (NYSE:  MSI ) announces the newest addition to its video security and analytics portfolio, the Avigilon H5A explosion-protected camera line.
The H5A explosion-protected cameras bring the functionality of Avigilon ’s video analytics to the explosion-protected camera form factor suitable for hazardous environments such as oil and gas, mining and industrial sites, according to the company.
This includes enhanced object detection and tracking, along with support for Avigilon Appearance Search technology, an AI-powered search engine that can sort through hours of video to improve incident response times.
The camera line also features new unusual activity detection to provide site-wide intelligence with the ability to highlight abnormal activity such as the unusual location or the abnormal speed of a person’s movement. This edge-based intelligence distinguishes between typical and atypical events by continuously learning what constitutes normal activity for a scene over time.
For example, Motorola says if there is an individual running through a highly restricted area on an industrial site, a security guard will be notified in the Focus of Attention interface to locate where the person is and take measures to address the situation.

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Electronic equipment such as network cameras that are installed in hazardous environments may be at risk of igniting vapors, gases, dust or fibers in the air surrounding them. The Avigilon H5A explosion-protected camera is certified for hazardous locations according to applicable international standards, making it a well-suited video security solution for markets such as oil and gas, mining, industrial and food production sites.
“We are providing our customers with a durable, powerful solution that is built to address their specific security and business needs when overseeing sites that face the risk of an explosion” says John Kedzierski, senior vice president, video security & analytics at Motorola Solutions. “Through the incorporation of AI-powered analytics in this camera, we are making it easier for our industrial customers to gain greater situational awareness while supporting the safety of their teams”.
The Avigilon H5A explosion-protected camera is offered in three models that include the 6MP compact bullet, 2MP bullet and 2MP p/t/z, and is now available for order across the globe.
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