Millions of vulnerable people to benefit from new IoT monitoring service

Memo Hub® monitors a person’s daily activity and flags potential minor issues before they become a crisis.
During the current pandemic, it’s critical to support vulnerable people’s safety and wellbeing especially when alone for extended periods.
The service is enabled by Eseye’s AnyNet Connectivity Management solution which delivers more than 99% uptime to the Memo Hub.

Millions of people are now being enabled to lead more independent and better-protected lifestyles thanks to a new smart IoT monitoring device , called Memo Hub .
Memo Hub supports the vulnerable to live confidently and safely at home, offering additional reassurance amid the current Coronavirus pandemic.
Created by next-generation telecare expert Alcuris Ltd., with the help of IoT connectivity specialist Eseye, Memo Hub connects to smart devices around a person’s home via Zigbee and Bluetooth, and monitors their daily activity., Typically it monitors a variety of items activity, such as when kettles and televisions are used and how often. Memo Hub then uses Eseye’s AnyNet Connectivity Management solution to reliably and securely backhaul the data to the Alcuris database on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud services platform.
The information and insight is then delivered to families and caregivers, via the Memo App or the Dashboard, triggering an alert if their usual pattern of behaviour changes and if there is cause for concern over their wellbeing. Any potential issues are flagged to caregivers quickly and preventative actions can be put in place.
Alexander Nash, Founder and Director of Alcuris, said:
“Our mission is to help older people, and those living with physical or mental health impairments, lead longer, happier and more independent lives, something that everyone deserves. With the threat that we are now facing, in the midst of this global coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial that the wellbeing of vulnerable people living alone is supported.”
Alcuris partnered with Eseye for its unique multi-network AnyNet 4G cellular IoT and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) connectivity expertise, which provides the highly reliable, resilient and critical connection between the Memo Hub and a 24/7 alarm monitoring centre and allows for multi-network switching instantly.
With more than 99% connectivity uptime, this multi-network reliably delivers data to Alcuris using Eseye’s native integration with managed cloud service, AWS IoT Core. This enables Alcuris to securely store data and perform in depth data analytics. Eseye’s multi-network system also allows for the uploading of software updates to the Memo Hub, ensuring it is permanently performing at peak levels. Effective and robust connectivity management is crucial – a connection failure could be the difference between life and death.
Nick Earle, CEO of Eseye, said: “This is a significant step in the provision of care and support for...